Sony Press Conference E3 2014 Highlights – Everybody Plays


The city of Los Angeles once again became the annual Mecca for gaming fans everywhere last week as the gaming industry’s biggest event, E3, rolled into town. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, as it’s known in full, took over the LA Convention Centre for the best part of the week in another annual avalanche of gaming announcements.

I covered the Sony E3 2014 Press conference that took place at the end of the day on June 9th (6:00pm Pacific Time – it was pretty early in the morning I’ll have you know for those of us over here in good ol’ British Summer Time) for Everybody Plays, breaking down the announcements and focusing on the news that would be of prime interest to Everybody Plays’ largely female parent readership. Check out the article here.

Everybody Plays is a UK-based gaming website (recently featured on BBC Click) that specialises in covering ‘games for the rest of us’, with a particular focus on the casual and family gamer.

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