Destiny Diary – Day 4

Destiny Devil Walker

Beta Day 4 – 20/07/2014 – The F****** Tank

It’s time to settle a score. Today, I head back to the Devil’s Lair, with my two trusty Hunter Guardians in tow, Mark and Stacy, to teach the spidery Devil Walker a lesson, and blow it off the face of the earth at the same time.

We blast through the level and it’s Fallen goons as before, and come upon the entrance to the Devil’s Lair, and once again, sat there guarding the entrance like a loyal (but vicious) guard dog is our friend the Devil Walker…only much larger than an actual dog, and equipped with robotic spider legs and massive guns of course. Action stations people, let’s move it!

Like last time, this area is classed as a limited respawn area, so if you die you have to wait for your teammates to revive you, or wait out a 20 second-ish countdown. If all three of you go down, then you have to start over, and all the enemies repsawn back in and have full health – not good. We move into position and start to attack.

Our rough plan is this; as our fireteam is made up of two Hunters and a Titan (me), I’m focused on crowd-control and wasting my special ability to help Stacy and Mark out, whilst they shoot away at the tank. Why waste it, I hear you ask? Well, it’s all in the name of co-operation and teamwork – let me explain.

The special attacks encourage co-operation in small but useful ways. When a teammate uses their special ability, they throw out these glowing blue energy orbs, which the other members can pick up to boost their special attack meters. When they’re full they can they use their abilities, again throwing out more orbs for the others to collect and charge up their powers with, and so on and so forth.

My Titan’s ability is to do an epic forward leap and come down with a ridiculously powerful ground-pound attack, the suitably named ‘Fist of Havoc’. It’s ridiculously effective at enemy crowd control, as you can just leap forward into a wave of tightly-packed enemies and vaporise them all in a single, satisfying floor punch. However, I’m finding that despite its effectiveness at clearing out hordes of foot soldiers, it’s not good against giant spider tanks. After a few attempts at fisting (kinky) the Devil Walker into submission, and subsequently being killed by said Devil Walker, I decide wisely to change tactics and try something new.

By using my ability near my Hunter teammates, I allow them to pick up the orbs I throw out without them having to leave cover and risk getting shot by the tank. The Hunters of course being the class with the ridiculously powerful golden gun ability, are far better suited to inflicting max damage to the tank than I am. I let them snipe and chip away at the Devil Walker, whilst I deal with the Fallen minions.

Meanwhile, I find a cunning spot on the left-hand side of the area where I’m shielded from the main cannon blasts by a handily-placed concrete pillar. From here, I have a great vantage point from which I can gun down various Fallen troops who are spilling into the area from an entrance about 100 metres from my position. This gives me and my two Hunter chums a good spot from which to quickly snatch up more ammunition for our guns and run back into cover without being too exposed.

There’s plenty of deaths along the way from all of us, but because there’s always one of us sneakily hiding out of range from the Devil Walker’s devastating cannon as a means of preventing the whole team being wiped out, we all live to return to the fight and keep blasting.

It takes forever, but eventually, we start to wear the Devil Walker down to about half its health…then a quarter…and finally, the great behemoth is dead. Rejoice!

Again, it’s great that every member of the fireteam gets a loot-drop, so after we fell the Devil Walker, there’s none of the panicked and bloodthirsty loot scrambling that would occur in a game like Borderlands/Diablo III.

With the Devil Walker dead, we can now finally finish the mission. Cautiously, we press deeper into the Devil’s Lair, only to discover to our horror…a giant floating purple eyeball. This ocular monstrosity is known as Sepiks Prime, one of the Servitor machines used by the Fallen to heal their troops. This one is the same, only massive and far more powerful, and appears to be the main course, if you will, in comparison to the mere appetizer in the form of the Devil Walker that we struggled with outside. So, all this time we were struggling with the mini-boss rather than the real head-honcho. With that sinking feeling in our stomachs, we nervously we move into position and start to attack.

Destiny Sepiks Prime Attacking

Thankfully, Sepiks Prime is much less of a hassle than the Devil Walker. In a similar fashion to the last battle, Stacy and Mark quickly deal out heavy damage using their golden guns, and I task myself with dealing with the grunts and other foot soldiers attempting to attack them again. My Titan character is perfectly suited to the job of crowd control, and it really suits my gung-ho and brash shooter playstyle. I think I’ve found my favourite class.

We shoot down the giant floating purple eyeball, lap up all the lovely loot it drops and head back to the Tower. This appears to be the end of the story missions for now, but it’s been a blast playing through them. The challenge of taking down that Devil Walker after numerous failed attempts felt so satisfying and rewarding thanks to the careful teamwork with my Hunter buddies, and it’s really sold me on the central vibe of the Destiny – community and teamwork.

The Destiny Beta is temporarily down for the next few days, but it should be back up on Wednesday. Next time though, I’ll be playing through Destiny on my beloved Xbone, as the Beta opens up to those on the Microsoft side of the console fence, and seeing what shenanigans I get up to on there.

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