Spaceships, Guns and Breakdancing: The Destiny Beta – The Birmingham Press

Destiny Spaceship

Destiny is just around the corner, with just over five weeks to go before the 9th September release date, so get those dancing shoes polished up and ready for the big day.

To round off all the Bungie Beta shenanigans and hijinks that gamers have been enjoying for the last fortnight, I’ve written a rundown of the Beta period for The Birmingham Press.

For more Destiny-themed digital scribblings from yours truly, I’ve written a day-by-day Destiny diary which is listed chronologically below for your perusal:

Day 1 – Humble Beginnings

Day 2 – Space Pirates, Space Zombies and Glowing Balls Of Truth

Day 3 – The Crucible

Day 4 – That F****** Tank!

Day 5 – Déjà Vu & Snake and Raiden Versus The Space Zombies

Day 6 – Lootin’ and Shootin’ & Hive Knight Base Jumpin’

Day 7 – Digital Magpies: All That Glimmers Is Not Gold…It Could Be A Hoverbike

Day 8 – Dark Side of the Moon

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