TB321 wants YOU for his Destiny clan! (Xbox One)

Destiny - Red Titan

Atten-tion! (Salutes, and begins marching up and down the assembled line of readers).

Okay you filthy maggots! Drop and give me twenty!

This is a call to arms for fellow Xbox One Destiny players who want to, in contrast to that rather aggressive opening line, casually tackle Destiny’s raid content together.

I thought it would be cool to create a friendly group for my regular Xbox-based Twitch viewers, MyIGN friends, blog readers, Twitter chums and anyone else with a great big raid-shaped hole in their hearts to have the chance to pick up their controllers and join in with the Destiny action first-hand.

Destiny - Cabal Combat

“Everyone fights. No one quits…”

We’ll play it by virtual ear at first, but depending on what would work best for people, how many want to raid and, crucially, what time zones everyone’s in, we can try and work out a specific weekly/fortnightly/monthly time slot to tackle raids and generally get up to all sorts of multiplayer shenanigans together. Whatever’s best for you guys.

I can happily organise multiple runs of raids if we can’t get everyone into a single group as well, so don’t worry – we won’t leave any troops behind. Not on my watch.

Being an undeniable achievement whore myself, I’d also be up for bashing out those pesky raid achievements and helping everyone in the group get them as well. You have my word.

Make no mistake; these raids are going to be tough. Some of us…might not make it back. But together, through much blood, sweat and beers, we will prevail. I believe the great Admiral Adama once said it best:

So, to recap, do you own an Xbone? Do you like killing aliens? Do you like the idea of killing aliens on a somewhat organised and semi-regular basis? If your answer to the last three questions was a big fat yes, then feel free to hit me up on Bungie.net to join my Destiny clan, ‘TB321s Troopers’:


If you’re interested in getting your raid on with me so to speak, please feel free to drop me a message; I’m TB321 on both Xbox Live and Bungie.net. I’m friendly, and I only bite a little.

Now then, if there’s no more questions (pumps shotgun over-enthusiastically), let’s do this!

Move out soldier! Go, go, go!

Sgt. TB321

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