MCM London Comic Con – October 2014 – Photos


CC14 - Foxy (Title Picture)

I’ve been to some pretty big gigs, events and festivals before, but nothing could quite prepare me for the wonderfully chaotic geeky exuberance that is London Comic Con.

Riding the Docklands Light Railway to the ExCeL stop and walking out into the main outdoor square was a delightfully insane experience. It was a fascinating and, quite frankly heartwarming sight to see such a large scale outpouring of love and enthusiasm for nerd culture. People had come from far and wide, representing their favourite characters from films, TV, video games, comics, manga – you name it, someone was probably cosplaying as it.

I was in London for the weekend, and snapping away with my camera on both Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th. The whole event was absolutely massive, and although I tried to get around everything on offer, I decided pretty early on to prioritise whatever games related stuff I could realistically get round to.

The amount of new and upcoming games on offer to play was really good, and in fact, I was able to play a great deal of the titles that I didn’t have time to check out at this year’s EGX – Evolve and Mortal Combat X in particular were two titles I particularly enjoyed getting hands-on with.

So, you can expect a separate written impressions piece on all the games I got to play to go up on here shortly, but in the meantime, check out the sights and cosplayers from London Comic Con October 2014 in the gallery below.

Speaking of which, all these cosplayers and costumes have defintiely got me inspired to maybe give the ol’ dressing up thing a try myself. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Sabrewulf costume to make…where oh where exactly did I put that blue spandex?

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