About Me


Why hello there!

If you like words, video games and, most importantly, a combination of both words AND video games, then there’s a slight chance that you’ve come to the right place…maybe.

My name is Tom, and I’m a video games writer from Leeds in the UK. I’ve been obsessed with games all my life. Okay, well maybe not all my life…let’s see now…

My earliest gaming memory is from when I was about 5 years old, playing Sonic and Knuckles on the Sega Mega Drive before school; I would sit far too close to the TV screen with my eyes glazed over in wonder, my slack jaw agape and drooling freely and my thumbs blistering and raw from rapid-fire button mashing; I would be totally absorbed in the moment. Racing through the Mushroom Hill Zone as everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog, I’d savoured my first sweet taste of the exciting teat of the world of video games (much like a Grunt/Unggoy in the Halo series sucking at the food nipple), and from that point, games have always been a large part of my life ever since.

Jump forward almost twenty years, and I’m still just as excited about games… and as a result, I’m still just as pale and vitamin D deficient as I was when I first started playing all those years ago, only now I have a much hairier face, darker patches under my eyes and, on the plus side, I’m the proud owner of an incredibly dextrous and limber pair of thumbs…well, you know, swings and roundabouts I guess, every cloud and whatnot.

I graduated from the University of Leeds with an honours degree in Linguistics and Phonetics in 2011, but it wasn’t until early April 2014 that I first decided to violently slam together my two loves of writing and video games in an epic hadron collider-style collision. I started writing on MyIGN, the community driven blogging part of IGN. I got stuck into writing my own games reviews, hunched over my keyboard and thumping away at the keys until the wee small hours, writing about whatever gaming related nonsense would spew forth from my sunshine-starved brain – usually about horror games, and a game about a perfectly normal eight-legged dad going about his everyday suburban life. When I found out that I had won the IGN Community Spotlight, as nominated by my fellow MyIGN bloggers, after only writing for a month I was gobsmacked – deeply flattered of course, but mainly gobsmacked! My flabber had never been so ghasted in all of its life!

Since then, I’ve written for several gaming sites, and I’ll provide links/resume section (coming soon) on this blog where you can read my work wherever it may be on the good ol’ world wide web. Thanks for reading this rambling collection of lexical daftness, and game on! 🙂